Monday, December 14, 2009

So saunas make the pores on your face bigger?

they do as your in the sauna but once you get out they down size again.|||no. they actually help clear the pores and tighten the skin when it dries, making the pores appear smaller.|||No, I don%26#039;t think so. The steam from the sauna %26quot;opens%26quot; your pores. Your body senses that the temperature is up, so it opens your pores so that you can sweat (which is supposed to evaporate and help you cool off, but that doesn%26#039;t work in a sauna). People use a sauna to clear their pores since the sweat sort of helps to flush out grime and stuff from in there, and if you use a cleanser after a sauna, your pores will be more open so that the cleanser can get in there.

But it%26#039;s not permanent. Your pores will close up more after the warmth goes away.

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