Saturday, December 26, 2009

Does salt/water really work for pores?

if you mix a lot of salt in water, does it really clean your pores?

how much salt, how do i use it?

thankssss :)|||Oh, you better believe it. I have heard the best is from shores in the Middle East. The last place I saw them being sold was in a Mall by a cart Vendor from Israel. I didn%26#039;t buy any, but she was a hard sell. The salts made my hands feel especially soft after just one application.|||yes it works !

ok this is how

boil in a kettle as much water as u can..

get a towel,and a bowl.

put 3 teaspoons in the bowl(no water yet)

and then the water once in boils..

then out ur head above the water and cover ur head with a towel(so the heat does not escape)

breathe through the mouth is what i the steam is pretty hard condition to breathe in.

stay there for as much as u like.preferably 5mins +

then i do suggest mix some cinnamon with honey and pat dry ur face nor scrub with a towel and then put the cinnamon,mixed with honey..

it will make ur skin feel brilliant..

p.s after that i use cucumber moisturizer and it really does work wonders..

urs does not have to be cucumber but make sure it is either natural BUT has to be without that%26#039;s what blocks pores mainly..with dirt but dirt u can never stop.|||Ehhh, I%26#039;m not sure about salt water.

But pineapple juice does.

You just cut up slices of pineapple and rub them all over your face

and let it sit for a second and then rinse it off :)|||me shooting semen on your face does

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